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Helping a group singer to control volume

karenkaren Enrolled Posts: 4
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Hi Ken! Your course has totally helped me to regain singing ability. I always play the keyboard and lead a band when I sing and have done SO MUCH absent minded singing over the years as to completely strain my voice almost permanently. Your techniques have really helped me stay in the game. I've have a woman join the band with a fabulous voice. Huge! However, she takes over the vocals, destroys the mix and (unwittingly) grabs the limelight. I'm almost ready to let her go, but what could I tell her to help her control this? She needs more than mic handling advice. We've been all through that.

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  • GuevaraGuevara Enrolled Posts: 140
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    Hi Karen,
    I would be interested to hear Kens thoughts on this; 

    However in the meantime you could take your laptop to the next rehearsal and play her the section on "Blending" from Volume 1 where Ken talks about and this very problem and how to blend the voice in a group situation. 

    Also you could try videoing the rehearsals and play it back to her so she can see more objectively what you are talking about. Although, don't just point out her faults, highlight her good points too. Is she singing lead vocals or backing/harmony?

  • GuevaraGuevara Enrolled Posts: 140
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    Okay, well as you will see the "Blending" chapter is mainly aimed at people singing together all at once, so it might not be applicable to your situation unless the lady concerned is singing a duet with you sometimes, or supplying backing vocals when you yourself are in the spotlight.

    Yes, it's great that the lady has a big voice, and it's good that you realise that it does need to fit into the context, style, overall feel and chemistry of the band.

     Don't give up on her just yet though, as it may just be a case of inexperience of working in a band situation, and trying too hard to impress and show passion by over singing. 

    All great singers hold power in reserve, what they leave out is as important as what they show; she needs to understand this. Videoing rehearsals will help.

    Let us know, Karen, how things progress.



  • karenkaren Enrolled Posts: 4
    We're meant to be taking turns.  Stepping in and out of the spotlight to authentically render different tunes in different styles.  It's lovely to have a big voice.  But it's a problem too. I like the idea of videoing.  I should listen to the blending lesson again too. Thanks.  
  • Ken TamplinKen Tamplin Administrator, Moderator Posts: 446
    Is there any chance you can get a sample recording of this so I can hear exactly what is going on?
  • karenkaren Enrolled Posts: 4
    I'm not sure I could get an authentic sound quality.  I'll try.  Thanks you guys.  It's inspiring to get input and advice. You're awesome!  

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