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Post nasal Drip

Any recommendations on post nasal drip. My nostrils arent loaded with mucous but i do think something is inflamed to make them clog up just a little bit.

My throat doesnt hurt but there is a build up of phlegm in my throat making me cough. Sometimes uncontrollably. I was sick about a week ago but it didnt last long. And the coughing came up just recently. I dont know if its allergies or not. Could be.

And as far as vocally, im not 100 percent, singing isnt that fun anymore cause my voice isnt holding that umpf and tone i like.
But i can practice fine and get through songs and warmups. (Just might cough randomly a little) Also when i do the warmups i can hear the phlegm being scrapped against the chord and air popping through it. Even though im holding the breath.

And i dont have any fevers or anything. Just coughing and some phlegm build up.

And also any tips for shows? I wanna start playing some shows for people but the minute im almost ready this pops up XD.

i watched kens Health and Wellness video too btw. Any pointers from there you guys tried.



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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    If I feel like I'm getting a little bit sick, I like to take the liposomal vitamin C. If I'm really sick, I take some of the Kick-Ass immune spray. It tastes awful, but I'd rather Kick the virus's ass than let it kick mine. My water backpack that I take to my gigs has the Kick Ass Immune spray, and also some oil of oregano drops. Those are like liquid fire, but again, I'd rather burn that mucus out with some organic defense of my own than just keep coughing up gunk. If I need to, I'll take a few drops of oil of oregano between songs.

    I use the little steamer, too, and usually waft some vapors from tea tree oil into the face-cup so that I inhale that along with the steam. That opens up the sinuses pretty well.
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    kashifbilgramikashifbilgrami Enrolled Posts: 78
    hmmmmm very nice. I went out and got the echinacea goldenseal. Took some last night. And dropped some this morning. Going to practice vocals in a few but i noticed the coughing has subsided alot. And the sinuses are clear. Im going to keep the vapor in mind tho. I realized yesterday i deal with a sinus problem alot. And these past two months my sinuses have been clear, and i have advanced so much in singing. I definitely see a relation to it.
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