First post vocal diagnosis and performance by Jake B (Constructive Criticism)

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Hello, I am looking for a diagnosis and opinions to make my vocal performance better
Please tell me what you hear and how I can make it better. Raw and unedited for honesty. Let's talk about it!


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    Your link takes me to an error page.
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    Reformatted y'er link, hopefully this'll help folks get access to your stuff:

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    I would not say more support since it needs to be very lightly sung due to the nature of the acoustic guitar at the first part but I want more support for the high notes when the drums kick in. I do hear some pitchiness and the recording is peaking/distorting. hope it helps!
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    It's an interesting demo, Jake. You obviously have some skills at singing, and at the same time have a lot of things you can do to improve it a lot.

    I hear a lack of support on your first note and all the way through to the end. This is making it hard for you to nail pitches as the song goes up and down in pitch.

    Support varies through the spectrum of low to high, chest voice to head voice, bold to quiet, and each of those areas is a different amount and application of support. But the thing that will help you to transform your voice, start-to-finish is to get a much better control over your breath.

    All singing takes place on the breath, so it's GIANT when it comes to what you sound like.

    You have too much contrast between the main body of the song and the head voice you are going to within the song. You want your head voice to sound like the same person, just singing in a higher register. This is sounding like a different person with a tiny voice. Again, this is breath control combined with tone and resonance.

    From listening to you, I know that you will be able to kill this song, once you become a master at Ken's techniques, and I don't mean singing it like heavy Rock all the way through. I mean integrating a more consistent breath, tone, and resonance all the way through the various parts of the song. You have abilities, but you don't know how to use them more skillfully yet.

    Stick with the program, and learn everything exactly like Ken is teaching them. Do your workouts faithfully.

    Give us a basic LAH scale and that will help us to give you more specifics on doing proper singing throughout your range. As you improve those basic foundational techniques, your voice will become more consistent as a whole.

    If you follow the instructions of the course and make it through, this will make a good "before" demo. Your "After" if you follow instructions and do your part, is going to be a huge improvement.

  • Thank you all. I will evaluate all notes and continue training in Ken's program. Much appreciation to each of you!
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