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Hey Dudes and Divas!!

My name is TJ and I am in Northern California. I am a brand new KTVA student.

I have been playing music most of my life as a keyboard player. I started playing in bands right after high school. Some of these bands played in clubs and have even played in front of a few thousand people.

I mostly sang backing vocals and in an all original band, I sang lead vocals and was the primary song writer.

Well.....I started a family....pursued my main job as a Systems Engineer, and the music went on the back burner for some years while raising children and being involved with their sports.

The last few years, I dusted off some of my equipment, and actually have built a pretty impressive project recording studio. I am even a few Guitars heavier now and learning that as well. Having all the pieces in place, I am now getting my chops back down and am serious about getting my voice rocking! My primary goal is writing songs again and possibly some live stuff with bands as it seems that the 80's & 90's (my era) music has grown in popularity lately.

Looking at a few other "vocal Coaches" who are around and claim to be "IT", I came across Ken Tamplin. I watched his endless YouTube videos of covers. I have pretty good pitch, and could tell that he is "IT".

I bought the Pro Bundle with Weekend Warrior the other day. After a few challenges with SPAM filters, I got my links to the program.

I viewed the Volume One last night to get an idea of where to start. This morning on my commute, I cranked up the Volume 1 audio files and worked thru the warmup. My commute is perfect for working thru these, which I will do daily to and from work.

I was blown away just applying the breathing for support and working thru the scales. I actually felt like connection was happening better than I have ever experienced! I can already see that just by doing this daily, it will "seriously rock my voice"!

One other thing I have not heard Ken mention yet. Without sounding to "out there", singing resonates the soul. I actually came thru the doors to work in a mindset I have not had in a very long time. Music and singing just make you feel good! I am smiling ear to ear and I think some of the people here at work are wondering if I was too close to wet paint or drying glue before getting to work! :)

Looking forward to this course very much and also seeing the KTVA members all grow together on this journey!

Ken...THANK YOU for your "Passing the Torch" mindset! Most people hold dearly to their secret weapon without sharing with others.

Rock Your Voice, everyone!



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