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I have fear of damaging my voice

WalterMeloWalterMelo Member, 2.0 PRO, STREAMING PRO Posts: 77
Hello everyone ... i have a question about the course, i'm really love to buy ken tamplin's course but i have MUCH fear of damaging my voice .. when i see Ken Tamplin's videos and another teachers videos i fell a notably difference on the intensity of the exercises .... does it really secure to make these heavy exercises?


  • TommyMTommyM Pro Posts: 270
    Hi Walter,

    As someone who's yet to buy Ken's course but who has definitely benefitted from his free content in the meantime, I can say that his approach to things like distortion and hyper-glottal compression is something that's carefully handled and wouldn't even be approached until you've got a solid foundation to work from.

    It sounds, from your description, like you're maybe trying to emulate Ken's vocal and thus pushing yourself too far, hence the noticeability in terms of intensity. Dial it back and start where feels comfortable for you, then you can develop your chest, mixed and head voices more safely before even thinking about 'leaning in' to the sound. Ken mentions starting out more lightly a few times in his videos, so definitely don't strain or push yourself; as you develop, you'll see that even those big huge sounding notes are actually effortless when done properly and practiced sufficiently.

    Good luck in your practice!
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