Vince From SA

Good day Peeps,

My name is Vince and would just like to introduce myself. I am from Pretoria, South Africa and started doing vocal lessons two years ago although not by the best tutors. When i started out singing i have noticed everything from holding the mic to actually getting words out of my mouth was a challenge. I am now confident and comfortable on stage as a singer/guitarist for a blues rock band called 'Sumo' (check it out if you want on facebook (@sumo band sa). I decided on Ken's course because I want to jump into deeper water and actually take the singing seriously. I am at stage one now and taking it easy; discarding all my previous experience and focusing on the technical fundamentals that Ken worships. I really feel like blogging my progress could help me and maybe others, so this is step haha.

Cool, thanks if you took the time to read this.



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