would appreciate some feedback! :)

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    You say you want more power in the C3 - C5 range.  That's a fairly broad range to want more power in.  It's basically the entire pop range.  You do have a fair command of your voice.  If you want more power, it will most likely be found in strengthening your support.  There were a few spots where you wandered off-key, but not bad for acapella.  Again, strong support and pingy sound help to keep intonation from going off-course.  Your highest notes distorted the mic a bit, and I think that's an indication that glottal compression would help you to keep your dynamics in a more controlled power band. You'll get the basics of glottal compression in Stage Three. 

     If you want to have a more pop sound, then you may want to start exercising with a lower passagio and working your head voice down as low as you can get it to go.  Your highs did sound like chest, and you could have done those notes in a strong head or mixed sound for more of a pop or soul treatment. 

    Overall, I like the sound of your voice, and think you just need to decide what you want to do with it and go there.  Ken recommends you first work your chest as high as you can, but he also leaves that decision up to you if that's not where you want to take your voice.  Most rock/pop singers are going for that extended chest sound, and it takes a lot of work to attain.  If you want high, chesty strength, you have to work the chest extension first, then go work the head voice after achieving the chest objectives.


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    Hey Chris,

    This sounds pretty good, a little off pitch in parts, but it is a tough song to sing. You could open up more in parts like " the rockets red glare" think of using more of an Eh sound in the vowels. Rah kehts rehd glehre. Not a typo but that was hard to do with auto correct! That will open up the higher notes. I'm a Canadian and i still love your national anthem! Lol
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    @highmtn: it's a broad range, but i agree that it's suitable for most pop.  i've been emphasizing chest the most, but i suppose i really do need to work on my head voice and try to achieve a stronger mix for a more soul/pop sound.  :D

    @sspatrick, haha.  there's something about the national anthem that i absolutely love.  all of the technicalities associated with singing it aside, i just find it so beautiful.  and thank you for the opening up tip; will definitely put that into practice.

    thanks for the feedback guys, you've all been really helpful thus far! :)
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    Thanks for eveyone's help and comments.

    Yes Scott is absolutely correct on Rocket's Red Glare. Even though you are pulling chest, it is strong and powerful and if you keep working this part of your voice correctly, you won't lose it, AND it will increase. (as you learn to create a mix voice you can make this sound smaller for a more poppy sound as well)

    Also: Yes it's pitchy.  Here is something to consider.

    In much of the lower regster parts, you cover (or darken) the sound which makes it harder to hear pitch between your lower register and your upper register (this isn't the only problem but is a good point of consideration to start with). If you are more consistent with your tone it will help with your pitch. If you choose to stay with a darker timbre on the bottom, understand that this will sound right in your ear but actually be flat from a brighter timbral sound as you ascend.

    Bob made some strong points as well.

    You're on a good track.

    Keep posting and learning, success wil come :-)



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    i didn't expect mr. ken tamplin to post here, so that was a pleasant surprise.  :)

    alright, so now i see what i should work on now to get to where i want to be!  i'll work on adding more brightness the lower register to avoid covering.  i didn't notice i covered until you pointed it out actually, so thank you for noticing that!
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