I'm from UK but living in France

Hi my name is Sarah, 45 years old, a Brit living in Paris, France. It was my childhood dream to learn to sing but my father wouldn't allow it - and then dreams became buried in every day life and responsabilities. A few months ago, had a massive revelation - - that it's never too late to to pursue one's passions or dreams. So I am going for it! I'm also learning jazz piano and guitar at the same time. (I have a strong classical musical background which helps but still at beginning stage). Yes ambitious, but hey, it will probably take me 10 years or so to get any good at doing all three but planning a second life in my 50s - being amateur musician and singer, making music, hanging out with like minded oldies in little Paris bars..........!
Took me a while to sign up to this course, so glad I did though.....well worth the investment, I've learnt so much in just 2 days. Thank you Ken!!


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357
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    Hi, @sarah_p,

    You are a person with vision for the future. You will look back on this later and know it was one of your best moves. I know I do, often.

    I had tried several well-known singing courses, and lost years of time, never really getting the results I wanted. When I saw Ken sing, on YouTube, I knew... I was right. From the moment I got his course I could hear and feel the difference. Most everybody else is selling a bill of goods. Ken Delivers the Goods.

    I know lots and lots of 50+ musicians that are having the time of their lives. Singing better than they ever dreamed they could.

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    sarah_psarah_p Pro Posts: 2
    Ah thanks Bob for your encouragement. Really appreciate it. I'm soooooo excited about this. Have a good evening, Sarah
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