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Uvula question for beginners

I've been studying Ken's close up videos for sound AH and was curious if the uvula should only disappear when singing higher notes. It looks like Ken's disappears while he says it's the Law-Ah as well as when he sings from low to high and back to low. As I practice my Ah scales and look at my throat with a flash light it seems like i can get it to easily disappear when doing It's the Law-Ah, and when I sing higher notes. But mid and low note ranges seem to leave it visible. Should I expect to give my self the yawning sensation at high and low notes in order for the uvula to always be disappearing when I sing my Lah scales? I guess I'm a bit confused because Ken actuall says in the video that it goes up into the head when the notes get higher....but it looked to me like it had disappeared for his whole range. Thanks so much.


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,346
    You can learn to lift your palate. When you smile with your cheeks raised high, up towards the eyes, it actually helps lift the palate. As you yawn, your palate rises and your larynx goes down. As you sing higher, you should be yawning into the sound and that will help it to lift.

    It's not a deal-killer if your uvula does not rise or disappear, but if it does, you are directing more of the sound into an area where it can resonate before exiting at the mouth. When the palate is low, more air escapes through the nose.
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