Hi. New here. Oklahoma singer recovering from spinal fusion surgery

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Before April 3 2012, I was gifted with the ability to sing practically anything and sound vocally identical to the artist or singer.
After that day, for the first 19 months my singing was compared to "Joe Cocker with laryngitis trying to sing after getting kicked in the throat with steel-toed boots".
My surgical specialist told me i had 50% chance of being able to sing again and if my laryngeal nerve does reattach successfully on its own without having damage, I might have 30% of my singing voice returning.
4 years 5 months have past i have, by the grace of God, retained almost 90% of my singing voice back. My problem now is that i can't sustain notes, keep power or range for more than a few seconds, and my cords get exhausted after one or two songs.
I'm not gonna be able to buy the program until i move to Oregon this year but i am curious if anyone can relate to my unique situation? i am open to any comments and advice besides "go buy the KTVA program" lol.

Note: I've tried to post to the INTRODUCE YOURSELF 3 times but kept getting placed in this catagory


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    Hmm. Someone else said that about trying to post in the Introduce Yourself section. I'll have to take another look at that. Thanks for the comment.

    So, yeah. "Just Go buy the KTVA program, lol". Just kidding.

    I'm originally from Norman. I now live in Oregon.

    I stopped and lived in California for a chunk of my life, in-between.

    So, I don't know anything about why you had to have the surgery, or specifically what happened. Some people have corrective surgery, and they go in from the front, and move the entire larynx out of the way for that procedure, and things don't go back exactly as before. Others are in accidents, and the complications involve the voice.

    At any rate, I'm sorry that you've experienced such a loss, from great singing to being impaired.

    But God has an abundance of Grace, and he's more than sufficient to provide anything. But sometimes His plans for us aren't the ones we want. But He's The Boss, so we try to work with what He gives us.

    Ken has a LOT of experience with helping people to rehabilitate their voices. If anyone can do it, he would be my recommendation, seriously. It may be that you are at your optimum, given your circumstances, but if not, he certainly can help with rehabilitation. At some point, you should consider scheduling a skype consultation with him, and explain your situation to him. He can give you some very knowlegeable feedback.

    Nice to meet you.

    I'll put this into the Introduce Yourself section, and go check out the settings there.


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    RockstarJerryRockstarJerry Member Posts: 4
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    RockstarJerryRockstarJerry Member Posts: 4
    Oh and the surgery was to remove a ruptured disc that was wrecking havoc on my nerves from right side shoulder to fingertip
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    I hope the surgery helped with the nerve problems. Now to try to get some strength and control back in the voice.
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    Rockstar, as another newbie here, I just wanted to wish you well!

    I know close to nothing about singing yet, but I do understand muscles and nerves some. My first thought is to indeed make sure that you DO have someone helping you one on one who has lots of experience because once something is damaged in any part of the body, one has to be careful during rehabilitation training not to do something wrong or push too hard in order not to have a setback that you might then not be able to recover. Just like you most-likely had physical therapy after the surgery to make sure you regained full use of your arm and neck and you relied on the therapist to tell you exactly what to do, how much to do and when to stop and not push, I bet that you will need the same for the parts of your body that control the activity of your singing voice to get you back up to full speed again. It only makes sense. Unlike most "regular folk", as a singer you will need PT for your voice as well as the "regular" sections of your upper body.

    The very best of luck to you!

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