Greetings from WAus

Hey strangers,

Purchased the course maybe a few days ago, but as soon as i was allowed post-access I totally forgot to say hi.

So a bit about myself: I picked up singing right at the end of year 7.
I would perform for assemblies (primary and high school) and maintain studying music as a subject right until the end schooling. I was coined as having natural talent in it, receiving recommendation letters for scholarships. My parents at the time didn't really have money to throw around, nor understood what exactly i had been given (since i come from a larger, asian, family), so i didn't get to participate in vocal lessons through high school (HS).

However, in HS i also chose not to sing much. I'm kind of a shy person even until now and at the time I really did not understand or deal with attention well. So i kept shut and tried not to open my mouth (i think in hindsight it was a bad decision). It was only in Year 12 where it was compulsory for our class to showcase material for school assemblies where i was exposed. I guess you could call it an experience haha. After HS, i wanted to pursue music but my parents thought otherwise (but that story is for another day:/)

Thus far i am yet to have any formal training , but still am confident in my ability to hold a melody (wish i could tell you guys the technical terms for how high or low my voice can go in reference to chords/scales). I enjoy covering music, but i feel i'm always critical in my performance. I place high value in portraying + maintaining an emotional and intimate connection almost always. ATM i'm really enjoy singing+playing Matt Corby's songs. PLEASE go check out his tracks 'Resolution' and 'Brother' if you like acoustic stuff (that is if your even reading this). When i don't feel as so rusty i plan to upload these covers and play at open mics around my area!

-Anyway, I took a short course on Udemy before this one, but gosh can i say how badass this course is in comparison.
I've never heard of vowel modifications before (i think i do some naturally?) and was particularly impressed with how well Ken teaches.

Im only in Volume 1 but i can safely say i've never felt so happy learning before. My ambitions prior to enrolling into this course was to predominantly increase my vocal range. I'm kinda glad that this was addressed quite early on in the course.
-I grew this bad habit of singing mostly in my head voice instead of chest, since i can control the notes at a lower volume. It was initially developed because my parents said i was always too loud.

My expectations have increased that much more for the other volumes!!!

Cheers to KTVA:)!

- ace


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    Hello, aceC!

    That's a great story. Just one thing. We're not strangers here anymore. We're family. Welcome.

    You're among friends, and we're all in this together. There is a lot to learn. There is a lot of work involved, but it's work that pays you back in confidence and abilities.

    This is the path to meeting your goals.

    Now you have the tools to make it happen!

    All the Best!


    Oh, yeah. Where is WAus?
  • aceCaceC Pro Posts: 2
    Hey Bob,

    Um, I guess i typed some of my words iffy.
    -I'm currently situated in Perth, Western Australia.
    And i apologise, i will try not use the stranger term anymore haha.

    !Very much agree with the idea on workload. I am definitely embracing the grind and loving every second of it. I think the keyword is IMPROVEMENT and its definitely a notion i try to participate in.

    Thanks for the welcome + response!


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    Thanks for the explanation.
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