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Adams apple

I had a question regarding the adams apple.Should it move up high for high notes or should it not move at all?


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    It will tend to move up on higher notes, but lowering your jaw and working the vowel modifications will help to keep it from rising too high. The more you lower the larynx, the darker the tone will become. For a brighter tone, it has to raise.
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    Scott's comments are correct.  Additional information regarding the larynx would be that as it naturally raises when we go higher, a stable, centered larynx is generally better.  If our larynx raises too high too soon, our throat can get all jammed up with insufficient space for the outflowing air.  This is often compounded by the tongue also getting in the way back there, especially if there is tension when going higher.  If our throat is not in the wide-open "AH" position, this will also contribute to a traffic jam back there. 

    As Scott says, the wide-open jaw helps to keep the larynx down, and so does the position of your tongue.  Relaxing and shedding tension also helps to keep the larynx centered.


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    Excellent info guys.Thanks for the reply!
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