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Hi, I just enrolled in this download course yesterday and started with the vocal exercises today. 

I'm a woman who's always been interested in singing.  I've been taking vocal lessons for over a year and I'm not making much progress.  There have been recent days when I've played back my recordings and I'm so disheartened with how I sound.  I usually enjoy singing....the fun stops when I hear the playback and there is so much that I don't like.  I want to enjoy singing AND enjoy hearing the playback...that's my goal.

I'd also like to have the confidence in my ability to sing so that I'm able to do it in front of anyone without hesitation.

With gratitude.


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    Hi Janice, welcome to the KTVA forum.

    Great that you have started the program. If you make a consistent, concerted effort then you will find, over time, your tone, range, power, pitch, and confidence growing. 

    Many singers don't like the way they sound when they hear themselves on a raw recording, this is a very natural reaction, but don't be too hard on yourself.

    Pretty much everything you hear on the radio has had the benefit of a professional recording studio, a producer, sound engineer, and all manner of tricks like auto-tune etc. etc. to make it sound beyond perfect. And this is also true when you see many stars singing "Live" on TV etc.

    Part of the trick to improving how you sound is to learn songs that are right for your voice and that you feel passionate about, combine that with working the program, and you should be well on your way to achieving your goals.

    Any questions, don't be afraid to ask, everyone here will be glad to help.

    All the best, Gary

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    Welcome, Janice!

    Do the workouts and follow the instructions and your voice will grow!  You can learn much from utilizing recorded playback to identify your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths!  I'm going through exactly that process myself at this time.  Don't let that discourage you! 

    Ken points out that one of the fastest ways to improvement is to record yourself as much as you can and listen to the playback.  Keep this up and you'll get over any aversions you may have to your own voice, and you can zero in on your improvements and keep them coming!

    Now you have a path to a new voice that will blossom and grow if you will put the time and effort into the program!

    We're glad to have you here!



  • ucjaniceucjanice Enrolled Posts: 4
    Thank you, Gary. I'm excited to be a part of the KTVA.

  • ucjaniceucjanice Enrolled Posts: 4
    Thanks for the encouragement, Bob. :-)
  • KokonuhtKokonuht Member, Enrolled Posts: 658
    Welcome Janice!!

    May your journey be an enjoyable one ;)! Do remember that we're all here to help each other out! If you ever face any problems, don't fret / worry but just post on the forums and we'll help you out! Ken even posts sometimes ;D!! 

    Even if you're just feeling discouraged by listening to your own playback or just depressed on random stuff, don't worry! We're all here to encourage one another and help each other out ;D!

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