a month and a half into course here is my videos

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there is a lah and lip burble sorry for the audio. This cam has the orse audio ever. may be I'm to close to it.
here ya go.




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    Smile a little more, and uncover your upper teeth. Let the smile raise your cheeks up into your eyes. From about 0:48 in the first video you start taking a shortcut, instead of going to the correct high note in the scales. Other than that, your pitch is good.

    With the camera down low like that, you kind of have to bend your neck, which restricts your windpipe a bit. Better to set the camera up higher.

    Make it a little brighter.

    On the lip drill, you can lick your lips or get a drink to keep the burbling from stopping.

    Good first demo.

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    ty bob here is my tongue and e exercises. I took your advice and added it to my form. don't mine the hair I just woke up :neutral:
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    Your high note on the Tongue exercise isn't making it up to the high note on the scale. About midway through the scales you take a short cut below the high note.

    You can brighten up the EE a little bit with some of that mask you use in the tongue exercise. You can get up to those high notes if you'll modify up top.

    Like EE, EE, AE, EE, AE, EE, EE on the higher scales.
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    Thank you bob. Your a life saver.
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    Ok. I must of read what ya wrote wrong. I went back and checked. Ok. I'll be switching up my practice. To vol1 one time through chest and lightly getting into head. Do it again without lip and tongue an stretch the chest a little more before going into head. I was gonna ask is there a limit to home many times we can go through the vol1 audio?
    Not sure why or where I read do it all in head 1 and then 2 do it in chest.

    On the tongue. I will concentrate more on pitch. May be I'm not getting enough air to reach the high note? I'll see when I get home. Any tips?

    I'll make the mods to the E also. Thank you.
    I guess what confused me was ken doing ah exersize and talked about uvula going up. This doesn't go up in my chest voice. Only head. That right? I watch him do it in a low tone I guess that's why I did it. May be I'm just not understanding it correctly.
    Now I'm frustrated. I feel like I've been doing it wrong the whole time. From start to now my range and stamina has increased. :(
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    On that high note/shortcut thing. Once you get up to about the 4th scale or so, you start singing a harmony note, instead of one octave higher than the beginning note (which would be correct). These are 1, 3, 5, 8, 5, 3, 1 scales. So the "8" (top note) is one octave higher than the 1. A lot of students do this. Once the scale gets a little too high for them in pitch on the high note they start singing 1, 3, 5, 6, 5, 3, 1. That's the "shortcut" I'm referring to.

    It sounds like I'm being mean or picky to say you're singing an incorrect note or an incorrect melody, but I would not be helping you to say "Sounds Great" and not try to teach you the difference. So that "6" note isn't out of key. Your brain is telling you that you're on pitch. You are on pitch for the 6-note of that scale, but it's supposed to be the "8".

    So on a "C" scale, that would be C3, E3, G3, C4, G3, E3, C3.
    Instead of a C4, you sing an A3, which is below a C4, an interval of a full third below C4. Once the scales get a little high for you, you do this shortcut on each scale.

    This is a common issue, and I'd like for you to be aware of it, and that will help you to listen more precisely to what it is that you're singing as you continue to progress.

    This is not a disaster. It's an adjustment. It's great that your range and stamina are increasing. Now your accuracy and awareness is going to increase, as well. Don't let this freak you out. Take it in as information, and simply use problem-solving to correct errors as you move along. Yes, it's a little disappointing to hear that we aren't perfect yet, but being able to make corrections in small steps along the way helps us to improve overall.

    None of us are perfect yet.


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    nah your fine. I rarely take offense to anything. I'm a new comer. ive been going a month... I app the help. Just trying to be the best I can be. Today I fixed what mistakes I was making for the chest and whatnot. I think I'm trying to be ken tamplin before I can be johnquick :) gotten remember this stuff takes time. just wanna make sure my basics are solid and I thank you.
    also I'm gonna do the piano tomm instead of with ken voice. That might help better. The heart and energy of a singer the passion is all in me. Just have to learn how to sing haha.
    when I first started I couldn't even do 2 scales in the vol1 audio. I'm happy with what i have so far just need to listen and just do it .
    watched the videos and I get what your saying with chest into head. so ill keep a eye out for a my pitch going along with the piano. No more short cuts if I cant get it then wait for scale to come down then jump in where I can hit it. good idea?

    I just have to slow down and no rush anything. I wanna be a superstar over night haha. not gonna happen.
    also is there a list of the steps between note for all the audio piano ones? like 1 3 5 8 5 3 1? that help me out so I can practice on my piano to really hit the note
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    Yes to waiting for the scale to come down when you are doing your chest-stretching exercises. When you are doing the exercises where you bridge into head voice, you probably will be able to go all the way up to the highest notes in head voice, just because head voice is a high register to begin with. So you shouldn't have to do the waiting thing on your bridging run-throughs.
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    Right. Ok. Exactly what I'm doing. My head voice isn't strong as belting chest but can obviously go higher. Thank you :).
    Once thing I thought of is how can you tell if your using to much air as a singer?
    since I fixed my technique 1358531 I can get all but last two high scales on bridging.
    for me the piano works best when doing the audio work out.
    by far is a hard one. If I sing lighter I can hit the high notes. then as I come down I add more volume for each scale.
    have to use hand signals to remind myself to hit that octive but it works. question is how should you feel after warmups?> how do you know if your singing to loud?
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    It's OK to sing those high notes softer. Ideally you would sing everything at an even level, but when you're growing new notes, you have to "baby" the tender new notes. Same thing with getting through the passaggio. You're supposed to lower the volume of the rest of the scale to the level that you can sing through the passaggio, which often may be kind of light.

    So give yourself some time before expecting it to all be perfectly even. And remember that as we go higher, the sound and tone should taper down and become smaller. When in head voice, that's kind of a fragile register, so just keep it comfortable. If you're feeling a little raw in the throat after singing, then that was too much. Throttle it down next time.

    You have to learn by doing and by feeling. So if you think you might be getting a little too loud, you probably are or were. If you never feel a little like you overdid it, then you're probably fine. Hoarseness is a sure sign that you need to back off, and remember what that was like, so you can surf right beneath that level in the future.
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    everything is pretty much making sense. Only issue at this time is tongue. As I go higher the notes and sound get muffled. feeling of air constricted. so I go as far as I can and stop.

    also I believe I am pushing creating tension and singing loud to high the notes, Worrying more about hitting high notes then being safe and non stressful with my voice.
    can you give me a example of a airy voice?
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    Just make a note with an "h" in it. That's air.

    Are you pushing down on your guts to take some of the stress off of your throat? If not, you should be.

    The higher you go with your voice, the lower you should be pushing on your guts. That's where your diaphragm is. So compress like you're making a sandwich out of your lower insides and compacting it.

    That should have a tendency to lessen the amount of air and pressure on your vocal cords. If you can get that going, you can use that as the "brakes" for your vocal cords, to help cut back the air. More tone, less air.
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    def I am using to much vol. so I'm going lighter like ken says in videos and its helping. I have to remember to build not destroy. baby steps
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    the last exercise on vol 1 is the hardest one to master
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