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This is song nickelback hero, sometimes my voice distorts on its own so sorry for that, I can feel I'm a bit out of pitch been singing for half a year still not truely happy with my voice ;)


  • TommyMTommyM Pro Posts: 270
    Thanks for sharing your clip, it sounds like you've got potential to develop a really good voice. Sure, your pitching is a bit off at times, but to me it sounds like a lot of your issues could be resolved through ensuring you have enough breath and the right support behind you. It sounds like you're not really considering when to breathe or thinking about how much breath you need to support those higher or longer notes, so you don't have enough fuel in the tank to hold your pitch and control the notes.

    In the song above, which I've sang myself a few times, you could structure the breath more like (using the lyrics to demonstrate):

    [Longer Breath and prepare for the note] I am so high [short breath] I can hear heaven.[longer Breath]
    I am so high [shorter breath] I can hear heaven[longer Breath]
    Whoa, but heaven [longer breath] no, heaven don't hear me[longer breath]

    And they say
    That a hero could save us[longer breath]
    I'm not gonna stand here and wait[longer breath]
    I'll hold onto the wings of the eagles[shorter breath]
    Watch as we all fly away

    I'm far from being any sort of expert so this is just my opinion based on what's worked for me, hopefully it's of some help.

    Get yourself onto Ken's YouTube channel and practice the exercises he demonstrates, you'll benefit massively. If you're able to, buy the course 'cause it's a really great deal and the material contained is top class.
  • LukmenLukmen Member Posts: 29
    Thanks TommyM still working hard everyday :)
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    @TommyM's advice is good. The thing about good support is that it will give your singing breath more consistency at the right pressure to help your voice to be a lot more stable. It's hard to be on pitch and get a good sound when our air pressure is varying.

    If you can build that solid foundation beneath your voice, you have great potential for solid improvement.
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