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3 years later!

3 years on practising almost everyday with one day break in the week + working around gigging/touring schedules.

I'm solid with level 3 exercises and improving constantly - gonna start tackling distortion just to get the hang of it and give myself more choices.

Today sat down with Ken's 'Licks & tricks' intro vid.

man! every word he's saying - i'm just nodding my head and agreeing....all these things he's saying about all the great singers etc...these are things I've always felt and rarely hear anyone talk about.So good! sooo good! Ken you're nailing everything on the head here...just had to come here and express myself.

You've totally changed my singing life :smile:
Blessings to you from London UK!


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    TommyMTommyM Pro Posts: 270
    Excellent! Great to hear stuff like this from seasoned professionals who're still benefiting from KTVA. I've just bought the Pro Bundle so hopefully I'll be able to come on here three years down the line and join the increasing crowd of KTVA students who've really gone out there and put the techniques into practice!

    Best of luck with whatever comes your want, @Anaam!
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    AnaamAnaam Pro Posts: 45
    Thanks bro! lets all keep moving to higher ground :smile:
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