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I just want to say hello. I've not purchased the program yet been am strongly leaning towards it! I'm a bit reluctant to jump in and start running I'm 34 and have been told I could never sing well because I wasn't born with it. If I could get some feedback as to am I starting to late to try. I'm a complete beginner, lol heck I didn't even sing in choir while in school at any age due to the fact I was told I sucked. Can this program really help me to achieve the goals I have. Thanks for any and all input I would appreciate it greatly!


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    There are people of all ages here. From young to mid-teens and up into the eighties. I don't know if we have any nineties here. That would be cool if we did.

    But at 34, yes you've missed out on a good chunk of time that you maybe could have been singing. But it's never too late to try. You've got the rest of your life to enjoy what you get from improving your voice.

    But here we have to learn. So, yeah! Some of us sound terrible at first, and some of us sound bad for longer than others. If you have a desire to learn, then you can improve. If you have pitch problems, that's harder to learn to overcome, but we help everybody that wants to try. If you're stubborn enough, you'll have a better chance of overcoming any obstacles that you encounter. If you're a defeatist, well, then you're your own worst enemy.

    Can you sing happy birthday? When you're in a crowd that's singing happy birthday, does everybody else stop singing and stare silently at you? If you can carry a tune in a bucket, then you can probably find yourself succeeding at liking what happens to your voice once you learn some real singing techniques.

    Everybody is here, working on getting their voices better. Some are struggling, but slowly improving. If that would work for you, you might like working on your voice. It is work. You have to practice. Sometimes it's slow-going, but gradually you do make progress. Some people find it very hard.

    Improving your voice takes a long time. In fact, you're just starting a journey that lasts the rest of your vocal life. As long as you continue to sing and do your KTVA exercises, your voice will keep growing.
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