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Hello everybody, my name is Pablo. New student from Spain .

Just a brief note in my vocal journey:

I have always sung since I was maybe 5 or 6, now in my mid 20s, I had a very good voice as a kid, then the voice change ocurred and still had a good tone but the tenor range never seemed to be there although I am a natural tenor, for some years my voice was very inconsistent, great one day, shot the next one.

My first singing lessons were with the SLS method, and while my voice got better I still couldn't get where I wanted to...and it has been a strugle ever since, trying every new exercise that came to me,every method or approach out there, still I always felt I was singing with maybe 60 percent of the capacity,strengh, stamina and range than I am capable of :s .

I first heard about this method months ago but read the opinions of some people talking so bad about it (I now understand that when something is good, it won't be late till haters appear) and I didn't paid attention to it anymore, It wasn't until last week when this appeared again in my life and after hesitating a lot due to the cost of the course, one morning I woke up and simply bought it.

I am now one week into the KTVA course and I can say I have never sounded better, my high notes are opening, getting stronger, brighter (even now with a cold...bipolar weather, you know). I can not wait to hear what is it going to become with volume 2 and 3.This method just works, I feel like I have found my way back home.Crazy, isn't it?

Thank you, Universe.Thank you, Ken. <3<3<3


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