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psychological block

Hi. i need to ask you for an advice, solutions to my problem .Well im a young singer ,not even major/mature.. i am not supported,only accepted. i can't manifaste my singing on stage (what do i need to do??) and i lack motivation (what do i need to do?) . When i have the opportunity to sing in public i block i feel stressed,overhelmed,intimidated and i can't give my best. i need quick relaxion tips. Why do i lack motivation almost all the time ? i have moments when i am but they are sudden and rare.. i need permanent inspiring /motivational state of mind . Well.. reply to this with any real solution


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    As to your motivation or anyone's motivation, that comes from the self. You should ask yourself what motivates you, and why. Someone else can't answer that for you.

    As to your voice and performance, you need to build a voice to begin with. What is your voice built upon? Have you studied the voice? Do you have a foundation for your voice? If not, you should do something about that. Voices don't usually come out of thin air. They come from knowledge and working the voice, and exercising it and growing it. Then you can move on to performance.

    The voice is an instrument, and you need to learn how to play it. Then, the more competent you become at playing your instrument, the more confidence and motivation you should have, simply from knowing what you are doing and how to do it.

    All the Best!

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    permanent motivation comes with training actually.
    Over the last few months I discovered for myself aswell, that practicing and making progress increases not only your abillity to sing better, but also be more confident with your own voice.
    Usually when I'm about to go on stage, I always ask myself "why am I doing this?" which is being answered within the first seconds on stage, just keep doing it and you will improve no matter what, learning by doing :)
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