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The song Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar...........

Jonny WilkinsonJonny Wilkinson Enrolled Posts: 44
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Hi Ken I've just been cast in a semi professional production of Andrew Loyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar. I have been cast as Jesus ( i was suprised because i lack the beard and long hair lol). This was the best version I could find of Jesus's standout song Gethsemane, I was just wondering what you opinion was on his very highest notes as i can reach these, and they are strong but i want to put a beefier chest sounding voice as I feel his highest notes in this video have a lighter sound to them. To give more chest in the voice shall I cut as much air as possible using glottal compression ? - A thought also occured to me Ken that you would be fantastic in the role of jesus! not only do u have the fantastic voice to pull off all the songs but u also have the look. Did musicals particularly Jesus Christ Superstar ever interest you? all the best Ken :)   


  • volothampenvolothampen Pro Posts: 21
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    I don't know if you've seen this but this is the best version of that song I've ever heard. Sorry I'm not the right person to answer your questions though. But I've heard a couple of the songs you posted and I can imagine your voice is well suited for the part. :)
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro Posts: 14,885

    volothampen's video is definitely an incredible rendition of this song.  Punchier and chestier than the first video.  Not an easy song to perform by any means. 

    Ken could wail on this, and he already has the hair. 


  • ragnarragnar Pro Posts: 410
    Awesome song and congrats on getting the part!

    Steve Balsamo does it extremely well. He's the only one I've heard who measures up to Ted Neeley's performance from 1973:

    To me Balsamo's feels more like classic Broadway compared to Neeley's grittier rock-version. Both are outstanding though.
  • EazyEazy Enrolled Posts: 7

    If you're looking for a chesty-belt sounding version of Gethsemane, John Farnham did an interesting version.  He sounds pretty chesty the whole way through, though I think he's deliberately taken out some of the highest head-voice screams.



  • volothampenvolothampen Pro Posts: 21
    There's also a really gritty version of the song performed by Neeley live in 2006. Gritty, but I like it. Maybe I'm wrong but I bet he had a soar throat after this one:

  • GuevaraGuevara Enrolled Posts: 140
    Ted Neeley's original version as featured in the film has, in my opinion, never been bettered. In fact all the vocals performances in that film are superb. 

    It's definitely worth watching the whole film as a master class in vocal technique. There is loads of examples throughout of old school, jaw down, tongue flat, open throat, belting and wailing, mask and great diaphragmatic support.... (and all the songs are brilliant) 

    The versions of Gethsemane that (as mentioned earlier) Steve Balsamo and John Farnham did are also first rate.

    And I agree with you guys, Ken would be perfect in the part... I would love to hear him sing "Gethsemane" sometime in the future.


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