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The song Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar...........

Jonny WilkinsonJonny Wilkinson Enrolled Posts: 44
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Hi Ken I've just been cast in a semi professional production of Andrew Loyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar. I have been cast as Jesus ( i was suprised because i lack the beard and long hair lol). This was the best version I could find of Jesus's standout song Gethsemane, I was just wondering what you opinion was on his very highest notes as i can reach these, and they are strong but i want to put a beefier chest sounding voice as I feel his highest notes in this video have a lighter sound to them. To give more chest in the voice shall I cut as much air as possible using glottal compression ? - A thought also occured to me Ken that you would be fantastic in the role of jesus! not only do u have the fantastic voice to pull off all the songs but u also have the look. Did musicals particularly Jesus Christ Superstar ever interest you? all the best Ken :)   


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