Trying to introduce myself and don't know if this is the place

I am a 60 year old farmer who has sung since bible school. I am a baritone with a few tenor qualities. Never had much range at all. I've been working the course for about a month. Have had 1 lesson with Ken. Would like to put my voice on theforrum to get some feedback but don't know how. Gonna call myself singersodbuster.


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    Hey, @johnny1!

    Click on this link and do what it says to get student access if you bought the KTVA Bundle or the PRO Bundle.

    You should start an account with YouTube or Soundcloud to upload your demos and then post them here in the Demos area.

    Video is better, because we can see clues to what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong, as well as hear your voice.

    But whichever way you go, you upload a file: Video to YouTube. Audio-only to Soundcloud.

    You make your file and upload it to one of those places. When you get it uploaded, you go to the page where you can play your file, and copy the URL of your song or video.

    Then you come here and paste that URL into your post in the demos area.

    We Watch/listen, and then give you feedback.

    That's how it works.

    We only need like one basic LAH scale to really hear what's going on with your voice. Then if we need more, we'll let you know. Gotta get that LAH right, or nothing else will be right.
    If you hang in there and keep doing your exercises, you will improve your range and a lot more.

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