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Whats the techniche of dave grohl/ shaun morgan?

gabrielcargabrielcar Member Posts: 2
Hi guys! I can do some growl, like bb king, but i cant go high with it, i mean, i can only growl with a "closer" voice, because this way i can feel the air getting out and producing the growl. When i do a more opened voice i just cant growl, the max i can do is go up to my limit, then naturally some rasp appears, but nothing compared with the dense growl i can do in lowers registers ( for example, if i would sing foo fighters with the amount of growl Dave does, i would need to low the music one and a half, piches... obviously i am doing something wrong, i am not that baritone.

I wanna be able to sing like dave does here starting at 2:50 minutes
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tT8TIzsRvhc - -

Or do this, starting at 0:45 seconds

Someone can help me? Some exercise, or tell me what do you fell when you sing like this? Thanks!

Here is me trying some bb king

Here foo fighters ( note the pitche is 1,5 below)


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,346
    Unfortunately, the techniques these guys are demonstrating here are not really that safe for your voice. The false vocal fold distortion in the first example, and the full overdrive version in the second video are really bad for your voice in the long run. They're essentially done by overdriving your vocal cords to the point that the sound starts to break up. In the long run, that will hurt your range and cause vocal problems for you.

    That sounds like what you're doing in your examples, as well.

    Be sure to always go back and sing with a clean voice after doing any vocal distortion. But it's best to "simulate" overdrive than to actually over-sing with that kind of volume. You will be more prone to blow out your upper midrange chest voice, and your passaggio part of your voice. That can leave you with a "gap" in your vocal range.

    Ken teaches a kind of distortion that is actually at a lower volume than your clean voice. The distortion creates the illusion that you are singing so loud that your vocal cords are breaking up, but it's all at a controlled, low level, and doesn't tear up your voice like actually overdriving your voice does.
  • gabrielcargabrielcar Member Posts: 2
    I get it! Even tho, dave has been doing this for allot of years, i mean, there could be a ''safer'' way to do it. But i cant growl in my higher chest voice. You guys cant too or is something i ''only'' need to work. When i go to my top chest i fell like my '' growl maker '' just stop to work and i cant active it on the higher pitch. Somebody here can do it? Have some exercise i can do?

    Dave and shaun rasps does not came from ''fry'' right? It is the ''bb king'' rasp i am doing but higher right? If yes, how can i devolope it better? More, it seems like dave kind of mix his growl chest with someking of hyperdistorced ''head'' growl at the end of the music. Shaun seems to use some pretty high ''scream'' on the video i posted. Someone can do it too?
  • sigobertsigobert Pro Posts: 7
    dude you're asking for trouble if you try that without mastering the basics first. and even with training.. look what happened to sam smith and adele with their vocal cord hemorrhage. any muscle in the human body can be torn.
  • sigobertsigobert Pro Posts: 7
    any ligament OR muscle
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,346
    The false vocal fold rattles that a lot of artists use (the "Louie Armstrong" sound) can be really bad for you. I'm sure some artists have figured out how to minimize the harm, but honestly, making that sound hurts my throat, and just hearing someone do it makes my throat feel irritated. I can use a distortion like Ken teaches and never hurt my voice. I don't feel like I need to take chances with my voice just to sound like this guy or that guy, and "that" guy might find themselves having to retire early if their voice gives out. OR they end up being able to sing ONLY with that sound and no capacity to sing without it. That's not a trade I want to make.

    Louie Armstrong made that sound for his whole career, and that was what made him famous. But he wasn't doing it at the crazy, screaming levels that these people are doing it in now. Louie did it smooth and low. At high volumes, it can be very abrasive on your voice.

    I want my voice to last.
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