Stabbing Westward, "So Far Away"

I've been doing this program for not even a month, and EVERY WEEK I have to stop and pinch myself. Why? Because I suddenly realize that some song that I've always loved but never even dreamed of singing... is now within my reach!

Was just driving around today singing along to music when I realized I could sing this Stabbing Westward song. I can't even tell you how much I've loved this song and this singer, but just said to myself Kai, it's ok that you'll never sing this song. Mwahaha! :smiley:

My tone isn't as dark as the original, and I've backed waaaaaaay off using distortion at this point in my learning (whereas distortion used to be my primary goal), but!!! Reasons to celebrate are that I've got the range to sing this tune, and I'm not half as pitchy as I used to be.

I'm going to keep working this song and put up a full version of it asap for feedback, but for now here's the first verse and chorus from when I pulled my car over in ecstatic glee this morning to record this :smiley:


Also, the original for reference



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