HELLO from Canada

Hi I have decided to take the plunge and improve my singing voice. I play several instruments and would love to be able to sing as well.


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    Welcome!! Canada
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    Nice to have you here with us!
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    Where in Canada are you? I am in Calgary :smiley:
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    Furious Phil... I am in Calgary as well
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    You won't regret taking the plunge! It's allot of work, but pays off relatively quickly.

    Spend the time (2-3 months) on Phase 1, don't jump ahead, or you'll get clobbered down the road!

    Watch the videos so you get the gist of what Ken is throwing down, then work on the audio lessons. Phase 1, expect to block off 30 minutes a session, and try for at least 3-5 sessions a week as time permits.
    Phase 2 & 3, budget an hour and a quarter for yourself to do each of these levels

    TIP: Every week, re-watch the videos to see if you can glean more details and information from them. This is because while you are starting to get stuff down, you'll develop better questions and a deeper awareness of what's actually happening. (There are many hidden nuggets to find)

    Lastly, really, really listen to what Ken is doing in both the videos and the audio portion. Make every attempt at mimicing him down to the last detail. This will help make the vowel modifications allot more natural and instinctive. Don't sweat it if you can't hit his high notes of the scales... just go up to where you are able without causing tension/pain, then catch it on the the way back down the scale. Your range will progress if you do this... DO NOT push into the pain-strain zone!

    PS - This message board is an absolute goldmine of information, so happy searching!
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    Thanks for the advice Phil
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