Hey everyone

My name is Danny. People also call me Maddog. I am a musician of 30 years (guitar) and I recently moved to Istanbul to be with my girlfriend. While here I was interested in making a career out of my music and right now am finding it difficult to communicate with people as I do not know the language yet so I dabbled in singing throughout my life although I never really sang properly. I came to the conclusion that I could sing AND play guitar to entertain people at local coffee houses etc. so I would like to learn how to sing, in particular sing in the style of Scott Weiland from STP like he does for the song Creep. I would like to have that raspy tone to my voice. I play mostly old stuff... 90's grunge, 80's like Bryan Adams, some folk rock, Americana... basically I play roots music so that raspy sound is what I want to acheive. I notice when I try to sing now it sounds very low. No power whatsoever. I am a smoker I have to admit and I love to smoke. I recently discovered also that I use my diaphragm to breathe all the time and I have perfect pitch. The only problems are I do not sound professional when I sing. I would like to change this as I cannot go out and sound this way. I am currently making live stream videos on my facebook page for friends only to view of me singing and playing guitar and the singing doesnt match the guitar playing. I would like to change that.


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    Hi, @MadDog76!

    Sounds like an adventure to be in Istanbul and singing in coffee houses. Getting your voice up to speed at the level of your guitar may take a little bit of work, but there's no time like the present to get started. That smoking probably won't help, much, other than the gritty sound you like. But be sure you don't blow your voice out with unsafe rasp sounds.

    How long have you been in Istanbul?

  • MadDog76MadDog76 Member Posts: 4
    Hey Bob!
    I have been in Istanbul for 1 year today.
    I am trying to learn about compression and loose vowel sounds because I am a Baritone so I don't think I will need head voice... I think it's all just chest voice from what I have heard.
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