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Big Adam's apple, does it effects range?

Hey.. I have a question .. I'm 19 and tenor, I have days that I can hit C5, depends if I'm warmed up.. with my chest range, I noticed that thing that singers that can sing really high they don't have a visible Adam's apple..


This is mine.. can it be that my vocal range will go down because of this?.. I just notice that mine is big and other singers doesnt have it..
Any knowledge you can share with me?or I'm just crazy?


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,353
    Everybody is just a little different from everbody else. The larger your larynx (generally), the lower you can sing. That's not a bad thing. That does not mean that you can't also develop a respectable high range.

    Ken is a Baritone. He also can sing some very high notes and some very low notes.

    Someone with a smaller larynx may not be able to sing notes with as deep a tone and as low a note as you can. But you may be able to sing as high or higher than they can, if you train for it.

    The guys I've heard before with the deepest and lowest voices had huge necks, and I imagine their vocal cords were gigantic. Those particular guys didn't have very high range, but I don't think they really cared, because they liked being basso profundos.

    I can sing lower notes than a lot of people and I can sing higher notes than a lot of people. And I have a big adam's apple, or at least it looks prominent to me. If you train for high notes, you will have a good chance of maintaining high notes.
  • GlassofwhiskeyGlassofwhiskey Member Posts: 8
    I don’t exactly agree with this response. I have a pretty big Adam’s apple and a pretty big neck but I can sing really high like Steven Tyler and it is a bit hard when I go down so I think everyone is different...
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