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Hi everyone!

Dude noob from Australia. I came across the course via youtube as I was practicing singing some Japanese songs.

I have had the course now for 5 days. I watched some of the youtube videos and was really impressed with the singing, the skill displayed and the obvious knowledge! All I could think as I watched was, wow, I want to sing like THAT.

Today I didn't do the vocal warm up scales, but went through the video lessons again practicing things like pitch and vowel modifications. I can already notice some differences in how I sound and what I can achieve. I have so many bad habits that I need to work on. That is why I purchased the course though, to get to work on not just being able to sing, but being able to sing well.

In a sense I am a complete beginner as I have never had a voice lesson in my life until I purchased the course, although I have always sung. I have been involved in a few amateur musicals though like, Grease, West Side Story, A Chorus Line etc. So I guess I can carry a tune... but I don't want to just carry a tune, I want people to be amazed when they hear me sing. Haha. :blush:

I have no idea what range my voice is (I don't even know if that is the right term), I am guessing it must be tenor though. Even though I have been in musicals no-one has ever said to me "this is your voice range." I just sang what they told me to, the best I could. I don't have a very deep speaking voice and in the vocal scales I don't tend have too much trouble with the higher notes, going by where Ken says tenors begin to feel the "strain" it all points to me being a tenor.

I can't read music... again, I just sing. So when Ken is saying things like double b... I have no idea what that means haha. I couldn't tell you which note I am looking at or singing...

Anyway, I am really looking forward to working more with the course as in only a few short days I can already notice the difference.

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    About the range\tenor thing:
    Voice type doesn't have that much to do with range.

    It has a lot to do with passaggio(the note on which you break from chest register (the part of your voice you use when speaking) to head voice (the part of your voice that you use when screaming very high,in a feminine\Mickey-Mouse style),
    as well as timbre ( the sound of one's voice,also called "vocal weight" and "voice sound").

    If you download an app like "sing sharp" or "sing and see",you'll know which note(s) you're singing,as well as what's the note on which your passaggio is located.

    You'll also find out what's your full range.
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    Thanks, just downloaded the sing sharp app. This seems like it will be really useful.
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