2 months with Vol 1

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I am always sceptic about all things in life.
But this time its moving to the positive side.
Right now with the Vol 1, Im trying to understand and get a feel for the vowels.
It really helps! When im warmed up and try to hit a high note, its just there. Atleast for a couple of times.

By the way Im a singer in a trashmetal band for most time but im also singing stuff from the 60:s and rock etc..
My name is Christian Vittaniemi from Sweden and I am very excited of this course!

And this forum is just another great key to get through the course, very smart!
Well, I am going to use this forum ofcourse to help me with the Volumes. So I will update with some videos and some stupid questions as the time goes by.. :)

I will keep watching/reading you all in the forums and I hope this will change my voice and make a better musician of me.

Hope to hear from you and if you have any questions just feel free at anytime to ask me or comment something, we can always learn something from each other. :)



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