Volume 1 Checkup

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Hey guys. Just a short very condensed vocal demo to sorta check and make sure that I am doing some things right before I start to focus on vowel mods. A few things, I made it black and white so its not so awkward looking in my mouth to see my throat (may not be awkward for you kinda is for me though), also on the vowels it looks like I am tilting my head back on the AH and AA but I'm just doing this so the camera can see the back of my throat. In regular practice I make sure my head is straight forward and my neck isn't tilted. Other than that critique as you will! (:



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    Good demo! Great on your abdominal breaths.  AH vowel very good, keep the jaw wide. Open Throat seems to be happening.  Make sure you incorporate this into your scales and your singing from now on!

    AAA vowel sounds good.  EEE could maybe have a little more accent on the mask.  Keep it wide in the back of the throat.  AAH is tall in back.  EEE is wide in back.  OPEN it UP and Keep it open, but relaxed and natural. 

    This is a good format for feedback.  It can be directly compared to Ken's demonstrations.  Maybe give just slightly longer examples of each element so we get a good glimpse of how you are doing with each component.

    Thanks for making it easy to evaluate.  You are on a great track, and you show great potential.  Don't stop, don't let up, you are going to be a dynamite singer!!!



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