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Hello everyone,
What is steven tyler doing when he sings the high part(G5) in "dream on" 3:30? This part is near the end where he yells Dream on! Is he using any chest voice on that? in the studio version it sounds like he is using some chest mix with head voice. However, when ken tamplin does a cover of it he does it in head voice.




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    MatsyMatsy Pro Posts: 168
    edited April 2017
    Heh heh... sounds like he is destroying his vocal cords to me. It's like I can hear them being torn into shreds like a scrap of paper. I think Ken is doing the smart thing by moving it up into his head with only hints of distortion.
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    kingchristiankingchristian Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 24
    yah i def agree with you. I was just curious if it should even be done by anyone. i gave it a shot and almost died.
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    MatsyMatsy Pro Posts: 168
    Ken insists that you can apply distortion and compression, as long as you come back and "clean up the voice" afterward.

    He also really stresses that even though it CAN be done safely it takes a long time to build up the necessary strength and understanding to do it safely and if you just dive in and try to do it without that strength and understanding you WILL damage your voice.

    This is why he doesn't introduce it until at least course 3. He really needs to be sure you have the fundamentals down perfectly before attempting to distort the sound.

    Just the other day I was singing and the song I was copying had a bit of distortion... so I tried to "dirty" up my voice a bit... I thought to myself "I will just to a little amount to see if I can sound a bit rougher" and immediately realised I better not do that again for a while. Straight away I felt sore in my throat and had to returned to very light, clean sound because just one attempt at it really hurt. And I was trying to do it "gently..."
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