Hello. I'm Amy Elizabeth.

I'm someone who's tried for many years to have a healthy voice, ...to little avail, imho. I have worked with SLS for two years(at the request ad deep discount of the teacher to get me to work on this), then Brett Manning studios cd series and a few lessons with their staff, and now I'm here. I go to the doctor (ENT) to make sure there's nothing wrong with my chords; but mostly.... my issues are that while I can get into a mixed voice with certain specific songs and most all of the vocal workouts... I have not consistancy. I'd like the freedom to access mix voice whenever I want...which is frankly, as much as possible. I tend to get locked into head or chest, rather than mixing the two. However... I also noticed that when I do the "It's the La- Ah"... that my little uvula does not go up far, nor does it go up all the way up until unseen, like Ken discusses. When I work the palate a lot like that,... I get way more control and more freedom. My larynx is pretty good and neutral... So I'm grateful for that. I do tend to crack, but I understand that's normal. However, like I said, ... my first frustration is with a body that seems to be fighting me on staying in mix, or getting out of lock-down. My second concern, or frustration rather.... is that I feel that my voice is too "natural" natural sounding. When I am in mix,... I tend to sound hootier and healthier... almost like there's more hydration to my throat. It has resonance. However, lately.. it seems that my voice wants to sound really dull and natural and almost dry sound. I would love exercises that would give me a velvety texture, whether in head, chest or mix frankly. I do not want or like the tone of anything except my mix tone (which like I said is way different for me personally than the others). I've taken lately to listening to artists with really hollow and velvety tones.. like Sarah Barielles, Adele, Nancy Wilson (the older one) and even Celine Dion.. and looking for cartoon character voices that may sound dopey enough to get into a more round sound. I think that I am terrible at mimicking characters though. So... I'm hoping my persistence pays off... because I'm not stopping frankly. If I die a sad miserable death, still trying to find my healthy voice....then I'll do it... but I'm not stopping and I'm a bit annoyed when people try to get me to. However, others will tell me they love my voice. IT's just a consistency thing. Can you tell I'm a bit forlorn today? I'm close to footing the bill that I can't frankly afford, just to get Ken to tell me which exercises will give a more resonant and velvety texture. So... that's me. Hi.

what a sap, I am... forgive my passion



  • amyelizabethmusicamyelizabethmusic Member Posts: 2
    Oh and the docs all say that there is nothing wrong with the chords and on close and far observation that they are healthy....
  • MatsyMatsy Pro Posts: 168
    Hi and welcome!

    There are so many testimonials here from people who say that Ken's methods work. I have definitely noticed an improvement in my voice since beginning the course.

    It takes work though. If you can commit to doing the vocal workout for 5-6 days every week I am sure you will begin to notice a difference.

    Good luck, I look forward to hearing more about your progress!
  • DeyanDeyan Pro Posts: 25
    Welcome! I'm new too and I have the same problem with the uvila [the dingly thing in the back of the mouth] but I hope I will get that soon.I believe hard work beats talent!
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