Cover songs - background tracks.

Hoping someone could help me to source high quality backing tracks. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


  • TommyMTommyM Pro Posts: 270
    There are lots of really good, high quality instrumentals on YouTube, some from the original studio recordings. You'd need to rip them and, if you're intending to use them as backing tracks for uploads, you'll likely encounter their being blocked in certain countries due to 3rd party content but as long as you're not using them commercially then it's kinda ok - Worst comes to the worst, your video gets removed.

    If you're looking to pay for backing tracks, there's lots of really good sites that do customized tracks and even give you the stems to do your own mix if you needed it. Alternatively, if you're able to then try to produce your own. It's very rewarding, if painstaking.
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