Maybe I'm amazed short clip - advice?


I've owned the KTVA course for years but recently started working out again more consistently. Any tips would be appreciated.


(here are some clips that i feel highlight my difficulties)

Maybe im amazed:

Born To Run:

Summerof 69:


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    Folks, Vanilla forums is working on an issue that is preventing some of your posts and links from showing up.

    Please be patient. They should have it resolved soon.

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    Thanks High mtn. I edited my post to link to vocaroo instead of soundcloud and it seems to be working.
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    Sounds like you need to open up your vocal tract more. I'd like to hear you do a simple basic LAH scale. A lot of the tone is coming from your nose. That's not all bad, but I think more should be coming from the open throat, through the mouth.
  • AspiringPianoManAspiringPianoMan Posts: 11Pro
    Thanks for the insight highmtn! Here is some clips of the lah from first thing in the morning. I know there is alot of issues, but i'd love to get a handle on what is the most pressing and immediate.
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    This isn't so bad. I would encourage you to push down more on your diaphragm, especially on the higher notes. Try to get a little more "compressed" sound, especially up top. Some of the higher notes are just a little flat.

    I think you need to open up the back of your throat a little more, raising the soft palate. I can't see you, so I don't know what your facial posture is, but smiling with raised cheeks can uncover the upper front teeth and also helps to raise the soft palate. Both of these can help brighten the tone and open up the sound. Raising the palate will cause less of the sound to go through the nose on N's, M's, and Ng's, as well as other sounds that may tend to want to decide whether they come primarily from the mouth or from the area of the nose.

    I think becoming more conscious of the "pushing down" feeling of support to keep a little compression on your breath will help you overall with the high notes and with giving you a little more brightness and improved tone.
  • AspiringPianoManAspiringPianoMan Posts: 11Pro
    Thanks Highmtn! I'll work on this. I'm hoping to schedule a skype lesson soon with Ken but at least i can get to work before that.
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