Toy Soldiers - Martika Cover/Reinterpretation


While I'm in the process of recovering my belt and power I've been practicing softer, more controlled vocals. I decided to resurrect a project I had called "I AM GLASS" - which is all electronic but is kinda like my version of a dark, melancholic pop music - since the singing style suited it well and, in keeping with pushing my creative boundaries, attempted to cover Martika's pop classic, "Toy Soldiers".

I'm not 100% happy with the vocal on this 'cause my mic lead has a bad connection and leaves a layer of hiss/noise over the top end, and the mic itself is a crappy wee Behringer thing that doesn't pick up all parts of my voice. Also, I think I sound kinda blocked up at times and my pitching isn't as good as I'd like it to be. I've tried to bring the brightness forward and to keep everything open, but at times I can hear myself closing down which I'll need to work on. I'll probably go back and redo this once I get new leads for my condenser mic, but I figured I'd post this anyway to see what others think of it.



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