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Hi all, Paul here. I signed up to the programme only last week and I am looking forward to the challenge. I would have loved to do this 30 years ago but raising a family and earning a living took precedence over all else. I turn 50 in a couple of weeks and I only started gigging last year. After getting over initial stage fright and nerves I have found that the voice is the most important instrument of all. There are far too many average singers on the gigging circuit who in my opinion are lazy and have chosen to settle for a mediocre voice. I think it's so important to have total confidence in one's own ability without being smug or egotistical about it. I know a couple of extremely talented singer/musicians who are the most humble giving people. However I know a lot of average 'singers' who have huge ego's and a major attitude to go with it. I vow never to become one of the latter. I have been looking for a singing coach for the past year but I cannot find anyone locally or further afield whom thinks outside the box. I am glad I stumbled upon Ken Tamplin. Here's to a fantastic journey. Paul


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