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Re-Evaluate My Singing

freedomfreedom Enrolled Posts: 30

So about a month ago I posted a few clips of me trying to do some head voice stuff with my voice... epic fail. lol

Ken suggested I work on my natural voice and branch from there. This isn't my best, I just now randomly recorded it after about a 5 min warmup. But anyways let me know what you think. I've gotten much better at my rock singing (there's really only one in the video though). I am comfortably belting from F4 to A4 and can push and get the Bb if needed. So I'm pretty happy about that. I just wish I could get to the B and C5. But anyways, after listening to a lot of the radio these past few weeks I noticed that most of the guys kinda sound like girls. I don't know maybe just my opinion, but I'm not looking for to go insanely high, although I can in my head fairly comfortably. I just want to really solid up that mid section and be able to hit the B and C when it counts in the song. Strong and Manly lol. Anyways any suggestions would be awesome.



  • dingodingo Enrolled Posts: 119
    Very very nice! I think you have great pitch and dynamics and your voice was constant throughout the song meaning it didn't sound like two different people singing when you are in different registers. Connected is probably the word.  I see what you mean about wanting a meatier tone. The other more experienced folks on here could address that. All in all great selection of songs and great sound. Keep up the good work!
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357


    Good format for compacting several samples into one video, with mostly the choruses for demonstration purposes.  Well, first let's talk, as you suggested, about blah, blah, blah... There.  We got that part out of the way...

    Yes, us guys have a few issues with sounding like girly-man's in the heady range.  Especially if it's a hooty sound...  I struggle with that on some tunes.  Fortunately for us all, Ken is working on bolstering his teachings with regard to head voice.  There should be some new Head Voice content coming out before too long.  I'm looking forward to that!

    You seemed most at home and in your natural ballpark on the more Rock-based tune in the middle.  Your head voice does have a bit of a hoot in it.  That's a hard thing to reconcile, because when your uvula rises and the air is shooting straight up, it is blowing into a hollow area above your throat.  Hence the hoot.  If you sharpen/brighten it up a bit it can sound more chesty, and possibly more like the "one voice" head.

    Your voice is strong and growing.  Your midrange is strong.  Like me, you need to keep working at the breath support, building that as a natural action during singing.  So much depends on breath support... it's our engine!  And the head range, especially if it is hooty and light on cord closure, takes much more breath than compressed vocalizing. You are expressive and a convincing communicator when you sing, and I like that.

    Don't worry.  You will be reaching your B4/C5 soon without reaching or straining. You have a strong voice and soon you will be able to finess these notes with ease in your chest and chesty mix.


  • freedomfreedom Enrolled Posts: 30
    Thanks guys for your comments. The rock song definitely is my more natural and what I like to sing the most of.

    The rock song where I say "one dance" is just chest voice belting
  • voodoovoodoo Pro Posts: 250
    Try adding some additional mask into the equation, it may help you get what you're looking for in a tone mix and in relaxment/placement to catch that extra note or two at the top.  And as Bob says, always better support.
  • sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
    Hey Freedom. Great voice. you have some great tone going. I think it was mentioned earlier, you could use more mask in the sound. Really focus the tone to the front of your face even smile into it a little more. That should add more brightness to the tone. Experiment with that "mask" tone, take it further than you may want to as far as brightness. Record it and listen back, you may find that you like the tone even more. Also, on the first tune, think of the word "time"(g#4) as t-ah-m. Bright lah vowel in the middle. See if that frees it up a little. Good work!
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