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Hey everyone.
I wasn't sure where to post this so please move it if it's in the wrong place!
I'm pretty new to singing and technique and don't sing very well, but I came across some of Ken's videos on YouTube and it inspired me, I might purchase the course.

I have a question about style and increasing range. I'm a fan of Kpop and aspire to sing similarly (in a ballad style). Here's a YouTube video as an example and I'd like to know what he's doing, Kpop ballad singers have a youthful, sweet light sound, is it because they're tenors? Or just the way they're singing?

I think I'm a baritone and I can make my voice lighter but it doesn't really sound the same. If I want to achieve a lighter sound like above is it possible as a baritone? Also at 4:23 onward he hits an A or b4 and I wonder whether that's in chest register or head with twang? Male Kpop singers always hit A4-c5 in the climax of their ballads and I'm unable to take my chest beyond an F4(that's a strain). I'm not sure what y'all think about mixed voice



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    Yes, a baritone can sing songs like this, and in this style. But not all baritones will be able to do that. Most baritones can train to sing much higher than an F4, including a C5. This singer is using mix voice on those higher notes.

    Mix is fine, but the best mix will be earned through increasing the chest voice range, and also building an extended head voice, and later combining the two into a varible blend of chest and head.
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    Thanks a lot @highmtn

    I think I'm a lyric baritone so hopefully I'm a baritone that can make a lighter sounding voice lol. One more thing, the way he's achieving the lightness is he actually just using breathiness?

    thanks a lot for the range info aswell, hopefully I'll be able to go beyond an f# one day haha. I can if I shout but I couldn't use that in a song lol.
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    Lightness comes to a degree with breathiness, but you can reduce the volume when singing breathy, and make an even lighter breathy sound.

    Ken shows how to reduce the girth of your voice in his course.

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