Chris Cornell, "Like a Stone"

Cornell's death has just wrecked me. I already listened to the dude 24/7. Now I'm gonna need more hours in the day...

I used to struggle to sing above a D4. I had just accepted that I'd never, ever be able to sing Cornell's music. But now, out of the long, long list of gifts KTVA has given me - in this time of mourning, I can sing along with a singer who has meant the world for me, and use it to help me move through my grief. Truth be told, I'm still in the Denial stage. I genuinely keep expecting to find out his death was a hoax. And then reality sets in...

Anyway, I want to do this song justice, so thanks in advance for ya'll's help getting it right! I chose Cornell's acoustic version because I think the melody and his vocal are far, far superior to the electric album cut.


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    KaiEllisKaiEllis Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 215
    @blondiewales Thank you for your feedback and your advice! You have a unique into how to practice. I'm gonna be ruminating on your suggestions for a while!

    I figure your take on my vocal type is right on. These days I wail in chest up to A4#, and I'm working working working on a strong B4. Maybe one day the elusive C5 will grace me with its presence too. But nbd either way! I DREAMED of just singing strong G4s, so anything above that has been an incredible blessing!

    Do you have any particular nuances of Chris's voice that you can verbalize?
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