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I've gushed before, I don't need a reply but it would mean a lot to me if I knew Ken had seen it

rob.a.crob.a.c Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 30
I know you get this a lot and it's probably tiring and mildly irrating at this point haha, but I just need to thankyou not just for the course but for your existense. You've inspired me, helped me reconnect to spirituality and save my life fairly literally without realising it.

Thankyou Ken I am so grateful to you, for the course which is fantastic but more so just for leading by example in your clearly worn character. I was brought up Christian and had long since completely discounted it and found more value in reading eastern philosophy than any religion. My experience with religious people at least here in the UK is it comes across as willfull ignorance mixed with a lot of judgement and not a lot of love thy neighbour. I have suffered a horrible year a very serious drug problem which seemed to not only have a mind of its own but perfectly define the christian satan only as a part of my own slice of human condition.

Learning to sing by your example is a better high than crack cocaine and without saying anything in the least bit religous jsut by seeing your example you've reconnected me with God and world and got me clean of drugs. I'm very open to being wrong but I now have some odd own enw version of Christianity and both god and satan and any all other souls are all part of the human condition, Satan tries to make smoke crack and ruin me, God makes me play guitar and sing and love life (and Judas Priest).

Thankyou so much Ken. I don't need a reply or anything I just wanted you to know how much you've helped me and how much respect and admiration I have for you, you're pretty much my Joe Satriani of the voice (my joint guitar mentor with Jeff Beck and more recently Scott Van) ! I want to see your guitar playing in some videos please! (just for watching not for learning)


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