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The Amphitheater

Ken mentioned something about the kind of arc shape thing over the tongue and it helps to amplify the sound

He called it an amphitheatre
Is there such thing as overusing that friendly arc that we have over our tongue?


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    There is such a thing as overdoing just about every aspect of singing. There is likewise the possibilty of underdoing any of the above, as well. Start trying to find balance in all things singing. Even when you are feeling like you're falling short of something, like a high note. If you're having problems you may be emphasizing something too much one way or another.

    Always try to explore ways of varying to see if there is any degree of adjustment that you can find in your singing techniques. Usually there is a path right through the middle of the extremes we percieve. We do have to push the envelope in some areas and really open the jaw or open up the throat, just to experience it and to break out of our old boundaries. But then, we find that there are "sweet spots" that are better than the extremes, where our singing really sounds the best.

    You don't need to emphasize the ampitheaters all of the time. But when they come into play, they can really make certain notes into a beautiful thing, due to the resonance that these ampitheaters can apply to those notes. That's when the perfect balance is at maximum resonance. At other times, you may want to simply sound the note out without all the additional ring and resonation of the ampitheater.
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    RegieRegie Member Posts: 11
    Thanks for this wonderful advise sir
    Actually I enjoy the feeling of using that amphitheatre
    But I'll try not to overdo it
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