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Hi, guys!  Council to get in your environment! I'm a new here. I'm from Ukraine. A have long story about my life without music, but i won't to bore you. Just i can say that to sing it is my, and i don't want to do another things in my life more. And now i'm glad to meet you guys and the great teacher Ken! At that time i live in Dominican Republic, here i have some course of vocal and piano. But soon i finish this course and go to Ukraine. I need a great professional vocal school, for that i'm here. 


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    AndrewJamesMcGeheeAndrewJamesMcGehee Enrolled Posts: 17
    Good to meet you Galyna! Welcome to the forum!! I am sure you will see great success with Ken!
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    GalynaGalyna Member Posts: 3
    Thank you very much, James! Nice to meet you too! Yes, i'm sure too!
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358


    Welcome to the KTVA forum.  We all share your desire to become better vocalists.  It's a long road we travel, but a rewarding one. 

    Good luck and good singing to you!


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    GalynaGalyna Member Posts: 3
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    Thank you, Bob! Your words it is very strong motivation! I will do it! 
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    jimiwaynejimiwayne Enrolled Posts: 21
    Very glad your with us.There are many different walks of life joined together in the forum  and we are all trusting in KTVA. The reason we trust is because we are getting results. Bob is right though, it is a long road that takes commitment and hard work on our part. I remember a time in my life when music was just a memory for me. For years I had no music just thoughts in my head or rhythms in my feet and hands. So cool that today things have change for the better and I have the privilege to take singing lessons a life long dream.
    Stay with us, hope to here from you in the forum.

    Friedrich Nietzsche said," Life is a mistake without music".

    Jimi Wayne
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    KokonuhtKokonuht Member, Enrolled Posts: 658
    Welcome Galyna, I'm sure your stay here at KTVA will be enjoyable ;).

    If you ever feel you are facing any problems / not improving / have doubts or questions, DO post ;)!

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    crscrs Enrolled Posts: 46
    Hey, welcome!

    I used to live in the Dominican Republic too, that's awesome!  What part of it?  I'd be surprised if there are vocal teachers there, because I was told there wasn't any in Bonao (part where I was from.)
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    mivisonmivison Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 191
    Hi, from Texas!
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