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I'm Ken, I'm new, and I'm nervous as all hell....

hey everyone! my name is Ken and i'm working through my first week on the program. I come into this because i was recently invited to sing lead vocal in a power metal band...i know scary as hell, but exciting. I know that i want to do right by my voice and also do the best that i can do. so that led me to Ken Tamplin. I have always found myself to be a pretty decent singer with Karaoke and stuff like that and I do pretty well i think for someone who isn't trained. I do a lot of classic rock stuff and I can sing Dream on with the high note without difficulty. that being said, I lack fundamentals and I feel like the singing equivalent of bieng able to solve a math problem, but not show my work. I feel like I"m good enoguh without knwoing what i'm doing that I could be really good if i did. that being said, i'm also excited to be apart of this community and am excited to interact and get feedback. i'm hoping this program and these forums are an enlightening experience. so....HI everyone! wish me luck...


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