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Scales recording Vol. 1 day 3

this is my test of scales on day 3 of Ken Tamplin. the breathing is still a bit of a mystery to me, at least as far as i can breathe in right i'm worried i'm not breathing out correctly. trying to make sure that i'm not making bad habits early on.



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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    edited June 2017
    First. I agree that you need to get the breathing right.

    Make your scale one, long, contiguous note.

    You're going Lah, ah, ha, ha, ah, ah, ah. Leave out the "ha's" and make it into one long Lah..... Only one L, no "H's". Connected and contiguous.

    So, in other words, your scale notes will all be connected to one another, and you will land on each note, then go to the next one without a gap. Listen to how Ken is connecting the notes to one another. Each note is a distinct note, but you glide from one distinct note to the next distinct note, with no gaps. So it's not like each note is it's own puff of air. It's one long exhalation per scale, with the notes connected. One L, no h's.

    When you're doing the "ha's" with an h, I can hear that you need more cord closure. In addition to pushing your abdomen out, you need to ALSO push down on your insides, a little bit like going to the bathroom. But that's not to push OUT more air, the pushing down is to hold back part of the air and to compress it a little bit, too. So you really need to focus on getting a lot of support going.

    So a combination of hunkering down on the note, along with closing the vocal cords together more, will beef up your sound and make it less puffy and airy. Grunt ever so slightly like you would if you were weight lifting, just to see if you can find that "edge" of the vocal cords to give you a little less puff and a lot more girth to your sound. You've got to get your cords more together to get a brighter sound.

    You're doing an OK job of getting into your head voice without a yodel. Can you do this same scale stretching your chest voice up high, without bridging into head voice?

    You should be doing 2 workouts each day. One where you bridge into head voice, and another where you stretch your chest voice as high as you can.

    Stand a little more upright, especially at the neck. You're leaning forward at the neck. Smile, with raised cheeks, and direct the sound towards the hard surfaces (backs of teeth, hard palate, etc.
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    deadmeninkdeadmenink Pro Posts: 17
    thanks for the feedback @highmtn. i am taking a lot of notes on your last few critiqes and i'll be sending a new one in when i feel like i have a big step up.
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