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Tension In Throat, Swelling In Chords, Breathing / Wheezing

AdrianDAdrianD Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 103
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I am experiencing tension/swelling in the throat. I find that whenever I take normal relaxed breaths now there is tension in the throat, glottis, and possibly my natural nodes.

This may be the result of incorrect glottal compression over the passed 4 years, and compressing air directly at the glottis instead of the base of the neck

(see linked thread if you are reading and are interested in looking into that)

Here's a few notes on what I'm experiencing:

-When throat is completely relaxed (no tension + not forcing open wide) my breath has almost a wheezing sound
-When I inhale with throat and vocal chords open into the belly I feel tension in the neck/throat still
-I have tension/pressure in throat when doing normal breaths (similar to when taking an absolute maximum breath and holding it at the glottis, and you take that extra bit of inhalation that puts extra pressure on your chords?)
-Cant tell if its muscles around the throat or in the throat that are tense, or both
-I have natural nodes; Don't always feel them, but I can feel those when I swallow more recently
-I also have major acid reflux, which acts up a lot

Could this be a result of:

-Acid reflux extremely irritating throat and chords?
-Tight throat muscles?
-Extreme vocal swelling from years of compressing at the glottis?
-I don't breath properly?
-All of the above?
-Something else?

Any solutions or things that have helped you guys get over something like this would be much appreciated!



  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,353

    When you feel this wheezing, can you open your cords more, to relieve the wheezing sensation? In other words are your cords fully retracted from one another, i.e. cords fully abducted, as opposed to adducted, which is cord closure.

    I'm just wondering if your cords are in-between somewhat, and therefore, not fully open. If your cords are partially closed, they could create a wheezing sound.

    It might be time for you to get scoped by an ENT, so that they can ease your mind id you're OK, or see if any problems exist that you need to be treated for.

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