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How long will it take me to become a great singer?

xomrsbrown55oxxomrsbrown55ox Enrolled Posts: 3
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I have never had singing lessons but i bought your program. If i practice sining for 6 days a week and for an hour each day, when will i become a great singer ?

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  • sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
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    Thats the Million dollar question!  It will take time, keep practising, and look for small improvements, day after day, week after week.  not to burst your bubble, but it takes years for the voice to develop range, tone, style etc that goes in to being a great singer.  Look at it as any other instrument.  Would you hope to be as good at playing guitar as Slash, Angus Young, or Eddie Van Halen in 6 months?  I doubt it.  the good news is that this program delivers results.  Take your time, but be prepared for great vocal improvements.
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