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alvaz12alvaz12 Pro Posts: 25
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i want to see results results result i want to become a greate singer but i still dont bellive that i can go from bad singer to good singer even if i didicate the time and practice 24 h for 20 years But some results like before and after can realy motivate me pleas if you have some result post it down
and tell me how did you practice like how many hours a day how many day a week and how long have you been dooing it


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    stratmanstratman Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 364
    Some before and after would be great to see/hear. I particularly would like to see/hear:

    1) People who have improved pitch. Particularly those that an average listener would have idenified as very flat but now sound great.

    2) People who have much better support

    3) People who have significantly stretched chest voice

    4) People who have moved from cringe worthy tone to awesome.

    I know that I have definitely improved. I need to find some early examples to show a definite contrasthe to now. Might see if I an dig something out when back home tomorrow.

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    TommyMTommyM Pro Posts: 270
    alvaz12 said:

    i still dont bellive that i can go from bad singer to good singer even if i didicate the time and practice 24 h for 20 years

    Start by changing this attitude. Immediately. Like, right now. It's so, so, so unhelpful 'cause you're viewing the world through a mindset that will give you every excuse not to practice and allow you to make excuses for not being your best. I can assure you, it's completely and very realistically possible to become a 'good' singer, and I say this because I did it and I'm still learning how to be a better singer after over 20 years of doing it.

    When I started out, I sucked. It took me about two years of singing almost every single day for between one and four hours (and without the benefit of having KTVA there to teach me properly) to get to the point where my voice sounded good to other people and to me. I sang live for the first time properly and got the first positive response to my voice when I was 17 and I've never looked back. In the 20 years since then, I've never stopped learning how to be a better singer. So, as someone with 20 years of solid practice and performance behind them I can confidently say that it's possible to get good and then get even better. I even blew my voice out completely throgh oversinging (with bad technique too) but learned how to get it back through using Ken's exercises with much, much less air pressure - hence the change to the softer vocal style - so it can be more than just a basic singing course if you're willing to put in the time and effort.

    I'll show you a before and after of my own development. I covered a song called "Worry Walks Beside Me" by a guy called Michael Kiwankua about 3-4 years ago and uploaded it to YouTube. I re-recorded the same song again this week, after about three months of using Ken's exercises and you can hear the difference in control, pitch, support and tone. I know my voice was ok before (otherwise I'd never post anything) but, even to my incredibly self-critical ear, you can hear a distinct difference now when listening to them back. They were both recorded with the same mic and mixed similarly, i.e. compression, EQ and some reverb so technically they should be pretty similar, but I think the difference is pretty clear.

    Worry Walks Beside Me - 2014 Version


    Worry Walks Beside Me - Post-KTVA 2017 Version


    Don't give up on your voice, just keep on going. Accept the fact that you're never going to please all of the people all of the time. Not everyone's going to love your singing, but as long as you love doing it and enjoy developing yourself then you have no reason to ever stop.
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    alvaz12alvaz12 Pro Posts: 25
    can you tell me if you stretched your voice like how many note did you increase after starting
    i have an f#4 as my high note for now my goal is c 5 is that possible , how mch its gonna take to do it ?
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    stratmanstratman Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 364
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    @alvaz12 Here's a before and after. I don't have the best voice in the world but I can assure you that KTVA does work in terms of increasing range, etc.

    @highmtn a question for you ... do you think I'm ready to try the head voice exercises? (The last two videos show my current level of chest stretch)

    BEFORE - JAN 2015
    Here's me doing my highest chest voice note in January 2015 ... really struggling to hit a D4


    AFTER - JUN 2017
    "After" is a bad word to use as I'm not finished i.e. I still have work to do on my pitch and also head voice. The point here is more to show you that I have been able to conquer my passiggio ... my break area D4-G4. In this video, I'm doing my lah up to E5.


    Here's a singing example pushing chest to my extreme


    @highmtn a question for you ... do you think I'm ready to try the head voice exercises?

    @alvaz12 I usually do 20-30 min per day when I walk my dogs in the park (I play the exercises on my phone with earbuds). I'm fortunate that the park is quite noisy and I can do a whole 20 min and only meet 2-3 people (I just don't sing when approaching them). I then usually do 2-3 hours of singing songs during the weekends (usually after my walk on a Saturday or Sunday). I've been going 2.5 years but most likely would have cut this a lot shorter if I had sung a lot softer at the start (so I could feel what smoothly transitioning to head voice felt like). I had a very dominant yodel at D4 and for me, I thought stretching chest meant pushing harder and harder to move the break point up a few notes. This only made the yodel more intense at a higher note! I didn't start doing the exercises softer until 6 months ago ... when I did, I started feeling the right sensations and my voice grew dramatically since. I don't think the first 2 years were wasted as I know I developed much better cord closure during that time.
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