Hi all!

Hi everyone, i am new to this forum. i have not yet bought the course work, but will once i am able to work again.
i have always loved to sing. i have had a life long goal of making music records and doing music videos. I don't care if
no one every buys one, i just want to prove to my self i can do it. since being unemployed the last 4 months i have
started to follow that dream of producing a music album and have close to 18 songs written up, but have come to a point where
i need to start recording vocals. i have been able to sing songs from bands like queensryche, styx, Savior Machine, ect... but i have ran into a road block when writing my own lyrics and trying to figure out how to deliver them vocaly when i am recording myself. not to mention i just quit smoking 3 days ago so i am also trying to heal my voice. for the last month i have been racking my brain - trying to figure out how to sing my own lyrics and decided to check out how to sing on youtube. i ran across Ken's video of singing Judas Priest "Painkiller". i was totally sold on this vocal course after seeing him nail Painkiller like that, lol. absolutely amazing. so when i can get a job i want to buy the course work. :-)


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    Awesome, can't wait to hear some of your work.
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,346
    Welcome, @Eldiabloramon! Looking forward to you growing your voice!
  • jrksongmanjrksongman Pro Posts: 6
    By all means do your very best to quit smoking. Some singers get away with it, but most don't. I am an ex smoker and I know it can be hard, but the tough physical withdrawal experience only lasts three days. If you can make it that far, you can quit. I smoked my last cigarette 24 years ago. You can do it. And, the really good part of quitting is that it builds your self confidence and sense of self-efficacy. Good luck.
  • EldiabloramonEldiabloramon Member Posts: 21
    Thanks everyone
  • EldiabloramonEldiabloramon Member Posts: 21
    i have been needing honest feedback on my vocals, is there a good way to share two demo tracks that i am working on at the moment? here is a link to an instrumental i published which is the first song on the album i am working on. its also my first music video. on the same youtube channel i have video blogs of me recording and singing... i am doing this whole project by my self without any professional help. i would really love some feedback especially about singing and developing vocals for my songs... thanks all
  • EldiabloramonEldiabloramon Member Posts: 21
    @jrksongman my wife and i quit smoking on this last saturday. its been challenging, but it helps to have a goal set to aim towards. my goal is to master my voice and become a great singer. i have always wanted to be able to study vocals under "the Mistro" who was the opera trainer who thought Geoff Tate from Queens Ryche, and Anne and Nancy Wilson from heart. from what i heard lessons were over $100 a lesson. this course looks like an even better opportunity. plus since i no longer live in the seattle area, i can study from my own home. + the price of the course is WAY less expensive.
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    i had a question, even though i have not officially bought the pro package yet, are we allowed to upload videos of us singing... or is that reserved for people who have already paid? i just want to make sure i am not breaking any forum rules.
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    I believe I answered this in another post. The demos area for newbies is fine for anyone to upload for evaluation.
    If you want help with your vocals, Scales are better than songs, because songs have a lot of moving parts, at a more rapid rate of change. Scales allow us to focus on the basics and the foundation of the voice.
  • EldiabloramonEldiabloramon Member Posts: 21
    cool thanks, i just saw it :-)
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