Old singer but new to KTVA

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Hi everyone! I've been singing for a long time - in choirs, bands and as a soloist, teaching workshops, singing and traveling the world some (India was AMAZING!) and I've even had my own singing students off and on. BTW, I *completely agree* with Ken Tamplin about how singing teachers better ought to be able to sing themselves AND have students that can sing!

The last couple of years I've been watching the free videos and the demos from some of the terrific students of KTVA & I've been curious. I had been saving up for a week of Blues piano at the Augusta Festival in West Virginia....but now I cannot do it (long story...). There's ALWAYS more to learn and refine, so I was thinking about taking a local Master Class from an excellent Gospel singer, however it costs quite a bit more than this course, and a few other personal things weould get in the way this summer, so I decided to take the KTVA plunge at this time. Looking forward to meeting more of my fellow students and learning loads!

If you have a mind to, I have a small YouTube channel with a few videos of me singing. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSUlNlIxN6vSc3V1CfgE8aQ
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