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Jack White

Just wanted to share this song by Jack White since it isn't all that famous (yet - hopefully). I'm a bit of a pop/rock guy myself but this gut-wrenching belt performance by Jack continues to knock my socks off every time I listen to it - which I do constantly - in a way that pop just never can achieve.
Starts off slow but prepare for an octave-jump ;) He's in the D5 area, full chest, in the chorus I think.
 By the by he's also the frontman of numerous current rock bands most noteably The White Stripes and The Racontours.

PS: Would be pretty cool if we could open up a sub-forum, or at least a pinned topic, designated to sharing music with each other. I would personally love to get some good old school recommendations - it's a jungle when you only know the artists from reading their name once -


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