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Clearing throat tick

Hey there!
Sooo... singing is going great! Due to training 5 days a week I achieved the best shape my voice ever had and still growing.
I finished the first 3 songs 2 weeks ago and it's currently in the mix, however in the studio I discovered something weird.
Everytime I take a breath I silently and pretty gently seem to clear my throat, just a little tiny bit though.
Now I read alot over my 4 years as a singer and of course saw that clearing ones throat shouldn't be that healthy for our voice, is it something I should look into and try to get rid of?
I didn't end up hoarse, even after 2 days of nearly 10 hours of singing at my top and lowest notes, how does clearing our throat affect our voices anyway?


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    When you clear your throat, you are using friction at the vocal cords with a small burst of air, to try to clear mucus off the cords.

    It's can be abrasive to the cords. The more you do it and the rougher you do it, the more it can make your cords become irritated, or make you always feel like you've got something you need to clear off your cords. Kind of like a tickle to make you want to cough. Coughing is even worse. It's a bigger burst of air at higher pressure, and you scrape the cords together, again, to try to clear off mucus.

    Just "swallowing" is a better way to clear your cords, or best of all, just singing a few warmups is best.

    You don't want this habitual throat-clearing to become a hard habit to break, that could cause irritation or swelling. That could affect your singing.
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    DarioliciousDariolicious Pro Posts: 68
    Ok! Thanks for the always quick answer bob! Guess I'll record my next few training sessions again, just to be sure I get rid of it! :)
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